What Is the Best Instrument for A Child to Learn First?

What Is the Best Instrument for A Child to Learn First?

Music is one of the meaningful and moving experience. It brings smiles, encourages movement, and it is a crucial part of a child’s overall development. Studies have shown the role of music in helping children to develop motor skills, self-expression, language, and other intellectual and social capacities.

It is having a central focus in our culture, and frankly most cultures, many parents may want to consider having their child learn a musical instrument. There are some instruments the following:


The biggest musical regret is playing the piano. The piano is the best instrument for a child to learn first. Other musicians have played the piano developed dexterity in both hands that translate to the playing of almost every other instrument. Age isn’t really a detriment either, so you can start young.


Stringed instruments are including the violin and cello. It also includes the viola and the double bass. It can appear at first that these instruments are stylistically limiting, but they can be used for more than classical music stylings.

Violins have found their way into many modern rock and pop songs. Violins are traditional metal instruments such as guitars, basses, and drums.

Fretted Strings

The guitar is listed under the fretted string category. This grouping also includes the bass guitar, and we find variations of guitar and bass in subcategories such as electric, acoustic, electric acoustic, classical guitars, or electric or acoustic, 4-string, 5-string, 6-string, or fretless basses.

Guitars and basses also come in junior or three-quarter sizes, so you can be starting your youngster playing as early as 5 years old.


instrument for a child


These instrument categories are including the saxophone, clarinet, flute, and oboe, amongst a few others. Saxophones come in a few different iterations, with the two most popular being the alto and tenor saxophones.

The alto sax is arguably the next easiest wind instrument to learn. These are played the sax and were quite good by seventh grade. The best age to start music lessons at about 8 years of age, so around third or fourth grade.


The trumpet, trombone, French horn, and tuba are the primary instruments in the brass grouping. Stylistically, you hear these in jazz, funk, soul, classical, and gospel, they are not out of place being appropriately used in a rock or pop song.

The trumpet might well be the most acceptable of the brass instruments, but it’s heavier than the smaller woodwinds such as the flute or clarinet, so the age must be considered


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