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How to shop for ice fishing gear cost efficiently

Ice fishing is an interesting sport, so it’s not surprising when lots of people ask me questions about it and are generally interested. One thing most people interested in getting started in ice fishing don’t find as exciting, is high investment costs.By that, i mean cost of basic equipment. If you calculate how much you need for ice fishing clothing, shelters, rod, reel and other basic equipment, it adds up to staggering amounts really fast. Paying hundreds of dollars for ice fishing gear might seem like your only option at first, but there are ways around it. I wrote this tutorial to help people discover these new and exciting ways to save money on ice fishing equipment. I want everyone to be able to afford to go ice fishing if they want to, so i’m going to ensure that determined people learn how to get great ice fishing gear for half or even less of normal price.

 First and most popular way to save on ice fishing gear is by waiting for deals. It probably sounds obvious, but shopping holidays like Black Friday and Prime day offer excellent deals on all sorts of ice fishing products. If any of these are coming up soon, better to wait few weeks or even months, but if they aren’t, don’t worry about it, there are plenty of other ways to get quality ice fishing gear for cheap. I like to do my ice fishing-related shopping in november and time it to black friday and christmas sales. As for the best retailer in terms of price – i would say with 90% certainty that it’s Amazon. I haven’t compared prices of every ice fishing tool i own, but for most things, no other retailer can beat Amazon’s prices.


Next up, is my favorite way to save on ice fishing gear – buying them used. Used tools have bad reputation, but if you know what to look for and how to do it properly, you’ll find a rare gem in due time. Upside of buying used ice fishing tools is low price, of course. Best place to look for these rare gems is craigslist. You might have to travel a little to get your ice fishing purchase, or have it delivered to you, but when you’re saving hundreds of dollars, that’s not really an issue. Used tools are great of course, and so are clothes, but some people feel sketchy about buying second hand ice fishing apparel. If you’re one of those people, don’t worry about it. Ice fishing bibs and gloves are cheap even if you buy them new anyway.

  The last, but also smartest way to save when gearing up for ice fishing, is sharing things. If you have friends who are into ice fishing as much as you are, you can either borrow their tools, or you can pool money with them to buy things that all of you can share, like ice fishing shelter. They are usually intended for 4 people, so you might as well utilize the space to full extent. Those savings will allow you to pay premium for good ice fishing hut.

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