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How to choose ice fishing boots

 Buying good ice fishing boots is no easy feat. There are many pitfalls that you need in order to get to the good products. This process isn’t very simple, yet, with enough practice, you get pretty good at telling the difference between high and low quality products. I know i have, which is why i considered myself to be knowledgeable enough to be writing this tutorial about ice fishing boots.

 First of all, some of you may have this question – why buy ice fishing boots at all? Can’t you just get by with using the regular winter boots? That is a legit question. Ice fishing boots are rather expensive, so if given the chance, one should try to avoid having to buy them at all. But unfortunately, they are necessary, and here’s why. When manufacturing ice fishing boots, the manufacturer’s top priority is making it waterproof, warm and comfortable, in that order. Regular winter boots might also claim to be waterproof, warm and comfortable, but they are judged at very different scales. In one case, it is unlikely that winter boots will have to be very waterproof at all. Sure, winters tend to be wet, but it’s nowhere even close to being stranded on frozen lake, where moist is surrounding you in all forms. Truth is, that while most ice fishing boots are supremely resistant to water leaks, the same can not be said of regular boots, even the good ones.

  That brings us to – how to tell the difference between good and bad ice fishing boots? Well, first of all, just like any other product, you should read reviews, both on Amazon and by bloggers. In my experience, amazon reviews tend to be more precise and honest, so i sometimes don’t bother to read bloggers’ thoughts at all. You can also learn a lot about the product by reading the review. Manufacturer might advertise it as being perfect, but sometimes, in reality, not all ice fishing boots live up to the expectations. On the other hand, customers, who have neither anything to gain or lose from lying about the product, will talk honestly about its flaws and advantages.

 You should expect to pay around two hundred dollars for solid ice fishing boots. This guide will help you in finding those. Price might seem rather high, but because of specific expectations imposed upon ice fishing boots, reputable manufacturers tend to use expensive materials to achieve all these goals. In my experience, the best place to buy them is your local retailer. Sure, Amazon is often cheap and very convenient, but it can’t beat the luxury of trying on the actual boots before handing over the money. If you’re concerned about price, you should consider second hand ice fishing boots. With some detective work, you should be able to find excellent specimen on Craigslist.

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